Are things returning to normal?

As of 6/15/2020, The Legacy Campus is proud to announce that we have zero residents to test positive for COVID 19 during this pandemic. We want to encourage everyone to keep the momentum in taking precautions to keep everyone safe. We are aware that “outside “is beginning to open up and things are beginning to go back to normal. However, the number of active cases of COVID are still on the rise. CDC reports that the most recent reports of COVID patients are asymptomatic. Due to the rise in asymptomatic carries, the screening process is even more difficult. At this time the campus will remain on lockdown and not allow visitors and vendors to enter the building. However we want to encourage families and loved ones to continue the FaceTime calls and the window visits for the residents to show them support as they continue to become familiar with all the new changes. We are requiring that all new admits be tested and screened prior to admission in efforts to keep the virus out of the building. We are now requiring all staff members to wear face shields along with masks in efforts to prevent any exchange of droplet secretions. All staff are still required to cover the residents’ faces during any interaction when possible. The Legacy family appreciates everyone’s cooperation as we continue to keep the residents and staff safe. As the world appears to go back to normal, we would like to give a few friendly reminders in efforts to stop the spread:

  1. Stay home if possible.
  2. Practice social distancing.
  3. Wear face masks in public settings.
  4. Remove your shoes prior to entering your home.
  5. Shower immediately upon returning from the store.

For any COVID 19 updates in regards to The Legacy Campus, please call this number: 979-401-4094

– Shadana Gatlin, LVN, IP

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