Resident Spotlight

Clarence K., 86, was born in Richmond, TX. His family later moved to Iowa Colony, TX, where he grew up and met his wife Milady. Clarence and his wife grew up 1 street away from each other where their dads were both farmers. Clarence and Milady’s families would participate in Beef Club where multiple families agree to go and they each get a portion of an animal because it was too much for one family. They would store the meat from the animal in Crocs with salt. Clarence and Milady married in 1953 and later had two children of their own, Ricky and Terri. Clarence was later drafted into the army and attended boot camp in El Paso, TX. After boot camp Clarence took the option to go to Germany from 1955-1956. Clarence and his wife had their son Ricky while Clarence was stationed in Germany.

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