The Fight Against COVID-19 Continues

As numbers across the nation begin to decrease, the fight for all LTC facilities continues. We have seen several instances that the virus has spread in other facilities in a matter of days due to the fact the virus is so easily transmitted. It only takes one ill person to enter through the doors of the facility to spread the virus. That’s why restricting our visitors and screening staff members thoroughly is so vital in keeping the facility COVID 19 free. How you may ask?

Well for example, one infected person coughs and covers their cough with their hand, but fails to perform hand hygiene, uses the pen at the sign in desk, proceeds to clock in at the time clock with the same contaminated hand, then begins to provide patient care to five residents before ever washing their hands. From just this one incident alone, everyone that uses the pen at the sign in desk, clocks in at the same time clock, and takes care of the same residents have all been exposed to the virus. Even though all the people that were exposed may not become symptomatic they can all potentially spread the virus to someone else. To avoid such a spread from occurring, it’s important to be sure to keep the momentum in following all the procedures we have in place. If the infected employee would have simply washed their hands before touching the pen, or the pen was sanitized after the employee left the sign in desk, if the time clock was sanitized in between staff members, or even if the staff member would have performed hand hygiene prior to providing care, the spread of the infection could have been interrupted or completely avoided all together. As of May 11, 2020 the Legacy Campus remains COVID 19 free. We plan to continue to encourage staff to wash their hands as much as possible, stay home if sick, and sanitize high touch areas that we forget about (like the pen at the sign in desk). We want to remind all family members that it may be tough not being able to visit love ones, but it’s all in efforts to continue to keep the most vulnerable ones we all love safe through this pandemic.

– Shadana Gatlin, LVN, IP

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